List of Courses Offered at African Bible University, Uganda

By | June 28, 2019

List of Courses Offered at African Bible University, Uganda

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Programs Offered

African Bible University currently offers two degree programs:

1) Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and

2) Bachelor of Arts in Christian Community Leadership.

Both these degree programs have the option of including additional studies that involve a further emphasis either in education, in communications, or in business. It is anticipated that in the near future, additional areas of emphasis will be added, such as Bible translation and counseling. While the various courses involve a large degree of overlap, each program of study retains its own distinctive emphasis.

As the individual student analyzes the content of these courses, he should consider carefully the realm of service to Christ and the community that he would anticipate fulfilling. If a student senses a call to the Gospel ministry or to training others in Bible or Christian ministry, the Bachelor of Arts Biblical Studies may be the course of study he should pursue.

On the other hand, a student may anticipate service in the larger community through engaging in business, starting a school or orphanage, serving with an NGO, or working with the media. In these cases, the student may choose to follow the curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Community Leadership. For either Bachelors degrees, the student may include a concentration of study in the related areas of education, communications or business as a means of enlarging his potential for service in Christ’s kingdom.

Students should register for their chosen degree program by the end of their first year. Participation in the communications program is limited, and students must make a special application to enter that particular course of study. Students wishing to take the B.A with business must maintain a certain academic standard determined by the Academic Affairs Committee of the University.