List of Nursing Training Colleges And Universities in Tanzania

By | June 30, 2023

List of Nursing Training Colleges And Universities in Tanzania

Nursing Colleges and Universities in Tanzania

Find the best Nursing colleges in Tanzania offering certificates, diplomas, undergraduate degree courses, and postgraduate courses. Get all academic institutions’ details.

The government of the Republic of Tanzania is working on a visionary tool for improving the health sector. Among the many strategies that will guide it toward achieving this is ensuring that health centers have enough medical personnel and facilities.

The industry has previously been marred by the scarcity of resources, which has often led to inefficient operations and failure to deliver services.

The demand for humanitarian personnel and the magnification of the career has triggered mushrooming of nursing training colleges in Tanzania.

Nursing is one of the highly marketable courses in Tanzania with easy absorption into either private or public health centers.

The nursing training colleges in Tanzania are broadly classified into two; private nursing training colleges in Tanzania and public nursing training colleges in Tanzania.

However, the curriculum used in both is similar. In general, any nursing school in Tanzania must be accredited by both the Ministry of Education and Health.

This piece will highlight various nursing training colleges in Tanzania, what each college offers in terms of courses, a brief about the school, location, contacts, and even how to enroll for a course including the cut-off points.

You will also get to know various public, private, or midwifery schools in Tanzania. You will find important information like admission requirements and fee structures.

When choosing a nursing training college in Tanzania, you should consider the following factors:

  • Performance
  • Relevance and diversity of the courses
  • Qualified teaching professionals
  • Availability of learning equipment and facilities
  • The pool of alumni

Based on the above measures, a school can then be ranked in a spectrum of good to bad so choosing the best nursing training colleges in Tanzania will depend on personal preferences. Well, there are many nursing schools in Tanzania accredited by the ministry but there are those that are performing better than others. Below is a list of nursing training colleges in Tanzania you should check out.

List of nursing training colleges in Tanzania [ offering certificate, diploma in nursing and midwifery]

  • Archbishop John Ramadhan School of Nursing
  • Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre
  • Bagamoyo School of Nursing
  • Berega School of Nursing
  • Bishop Kisula College of Health and Allied Sciences
  • Bugando School of Nursing
  • Bukumbi School of Nursing
  • Bulongwa Health Sciences Institute
  • Dareda School of Nursing
  • Decca College of Health and Allied Sciences – Dodoma
  • Dodoma Institute of Health and Allied Sciences
  • Edgar Maranta Nursing School
  • Elijerry Training Centre
  • Geita School of Nursing
  • Green Bird College – Mwanga
  • Haydom Institute of Health Sciences
  • Heri Nursing School
  • Huruma Institute of Health and Allied Sciences
  • Iambi Nursing School
  • Ilembula Institute of Health and Allied Sciences
  • Ilula Nursing School
  • Isimila Nursing School
  • Kabanga School of Nursing
  • Kahama School of Nursing
  • Kairuki School of Nursing
  • Kam College of Health Sciences
  • Karatu Health Training Institute
  • Kcmc School of Nursing
  • Kibaha College of Health and Allied Sciences
  • Kibondo School of Nursing
  • Kibosho School of Nursing
  • Kigoma Training College – Kigoma
  • Kilimatinde School of Nursing
  • Kiomboi School of Nursing
  • Kiuma Nursing School
  • Kolandoto College of Health Sciences
  • Korogwe School of Nursing
  • Kulangwa Prinmat Nursing and Midwifery School
  • Lugala School of Nursing
  • Lugalo Military Medical School
  • Lugarawa Health Training Institute (Luheti)
  • Machame Health Training Institute
  • Makambako Institute of Health Sciences
  • Massana College of Nursing
  • Mbalizi Institute of Health Sciences – Mbeya
  • Mbulu School of Nursing
  • Mchukwi Nursing School
  • Mgao Health Training Institute
  • Mirembe School of Nursing – Dodoma
  • Mkolani Foundation Health Sciences Training Institute
  • Mkomaindo School of Nursing
  • Morogoro Public Health Nursing School
  • Mtwara School of Nursing
  • Murgwanza Nursing School
  • Mvumi Institute of Health Sciences
  • Mwambani School of Nursing
  • Nachingwea School of Nursing
  • Ndanda School of Nursing
  • Ndolage Institute of Health Sciences
  • New Mafinga Health and Allied Institute
  • Newala School of Nursing
  • Njombe Institute of Health and Allied Sciences (Njihas)
  • Nkinga Institute of Health Sciences
  • Nzega Nursing School
  • Operating Theatre Management School – Mbeya
  • Pemba School of Health Sciences
  • Peramiho School of Nursing
  • Primary Health Care Institute
  • Rubya Health Training Institute
  • Same School of Nursing
  • Sengerema Health Training Institute
  • Shirati College of Health Sciences
  • Sr. Dr. Thekla Nursing School
  • St. Aggrey College of Health Science
  • St. Augustine Muheza Institute of Health Sciences
  • St. Bakhita Health Training Institute
  • St. Gaspar Nursing School
  • St. John College of Health
  • St. John’s University of Tanzania (Sj)
  • St. Joseph University College of Health Sciences
  • St. Magdalene School of Nursing
  • Sumve School of Nursing
  • Tandabui Institute of Health Sciences and Technology
  • Tanga School of Nursing
  • Tarime School of Nursing
  • Tosamaganga Institute of Health and Allied Sciences
  • Tukuyu School of Nursing
  • Uyole Health Sciences Institute
  • Yohana Wavenza Health Institute
  • Zanzibar School of Health
  • Zanzibar University (Zu)

List of  Universities offering Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Tanzania

  • Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences (CUHAS), Mwanza
  • Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU), Dar es Salaam
  • Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS), Dar es Salaam
  • St John’s University of Tanzania (SJUT), Dodoma
  • State University of Zanzibar (SUZA), Zanzibar
  • University of Dodoma (UDOM), Dodoma