Makerere University Bachelor of Law Pre Entry Exams

By | April 27, 2022

Makerere University Bachelor of Law Pre Entry Exams

Makerere University Bachelor of Law Pre Entry Exams – Read full details below:

In selecting their students, law school consider a number of factors related to both prior education and life experience.

Undergraduate major is also important. However, there are many degrees outside of a pre-law/political science degree that make for excellent preparation for law school.

The practice of law is notably diverse and law schools, therefore, value students with a diverse educational and personal background.

What does the application process to law school entail?

The application process to law school is rigorous and acceptance is based on several factors:

  1. Standardized test scores.
  2. Undergraduate performance. Law Schools also factor in the reputation of your undergraduate institution as well as any additional graduate degrees.
  3. Letters of recommendations from professors or persons who can attest to your capacity to be a good law student.
  4. Additional life experience that makes an applicant unique and diverse.

Bachelor of Law Pre Entry Exams

The Academic Registrar Makerere University announces the Pre-Entry Examination for admission to the Bachelor of Laws for 2022/2023 academic year…

To be eligible to sit the examination, Applicants must possess the minimum admission requirements of the University, and any one of the following specific requirements:

  1. `A’ Level leavers: Must hold an ‘O’ Level Certificate (UCE) or its equivalent with at least 5 Passes plus ‘A’ Level Certificate(UACE) or its equivalent having obtained a minimum of 13 points(Males) and 12 points (for Females) in any ‘A’ Level combination, for Humanities and Sciences. Candidates who did ‘A’ Level before 2013 should have 15 and 14 points for male and female applicants respectively.
  2. Diploma Holders: Must possess at least a 2nd Class or Credit Diploma from a recognized institution. Certified Copies of Diploma Transcripts (No Provisional Results) from the Awarding Institutions must be attached to the Application Forms.
  3. Mature Age Applicants: Must have passed the Makerere University Mature Age Entry Examination (for Bachelor of Laws) for either 2019/2022 or 2022-2023 Academic Year. Government sponsorship is only for those who sat Mature Age Exams for 2022-2023 Academic Year and applied for it.
  4. Degree Holders: Must be graduates in any Discipline from a recognized University. Certified Copies of Degree Transcripts (No Provisional Results) from the Awarding Institutions must be attached to the Application Forms. (Degree holders are not eligible for government sponsorship)

Please note:

All applicants wishing to be admitted to the Bachelor of Laws program offered by Makerere University are required to sit and pass the pre-entry examination of Makerere University.

All applicants interested in government sponsorship must have applied for Bachelor of Laws by filling in the Government application form. Applicants interested in private sponsorship for day (CODE:LAW) and/or evening (CODE: LAE) will apply for admission after passing the Bachelor of Laws pre-entry examination.

All applicants who hold diplomas and degrees must present a certified copy of the academic transcript.

Applicants should note that admission is based on performance in the pre-entry examination and intake capacities for government, private day and private evening for all categories i.e ‘A’ level, Diploma holder, Mature Age, Degree holder and International applicants. Details of available slots for each category could be accessed at the university website.

All applicants must present the original academic documents to the academic registrar’s office at Makerere University during the registration process.

The closing date for submitting the completed Application Forms is Makerere University Online Application Deadline.

The Pre-Entry Examination shall cover the following areas:

  1. Reading and Comprehension Skills
  2. Language Skills
  3. Numerical Skills and Logic
  4. General Knowledge
  5. Analytical Writing Skills

Further details may be obtained from Room 505, Senate Building, Makerere University.