Ministry for Agriculture, Animal Industry, & Fisheries Vacancies

By | January 8, 2020

The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) are derived from the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, the Local Governments Act (1997) and the Public Service Reform Programme (PSRP). The role of MAAIF is to create an enabling environment in the Agricultural Sector by performing the following functions:

Key Functions

• Formulate, review and implement national policies, plans, strategies, regulations and standards and enforce laws, regulations and standards along the value chain of crops, livestock and fisheries.

• Control and manage epidemics and disasters, and support the control of sporadic and endemic diseases, pests and vectors.

• Regulate the use of agricultural chemicals, veterinary drugs, biological, planting and stocking materials as well as other inputs; • Support the development of infrastructure and use of water for agricultural production along livestock, crop and fisheries value chains.

• Establish sustainable systems to collect, process, maintain and disseminate agricultural statistics and information.

• Support provision of planting and stocking materials and other inputs to increase production and commercialization of agriculture for food security and household income

• Develop public infrastructure to support production, quality / safety assurance and value-addition along the livestock, crop and fisheries commodity chains.

• Monitor, inspect, evaluate and harmonize activities in the agricultural sector including local governments.

• Strengthen human and institutional capacity and mobilize financial and technical resources for delivery of agricultural services.

• Develop and promote collaborative mechanisms nationally, regionally and internationally on issues pertaining to the sector.

In addition to the above major functions, MAAIF has the following seven Agencies responsible for the following delegated functions

• National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO)-for generation and dissemination of research technologies.

• National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) for delivery of advisory services; • National Animal Genetic Resource Centre and Data Bank (NAGRC&DB) for animal genetic development.

• Coordinating Office for the Control of Trypanasomiasis in Uganda (COCTU).

• Diary Development Authority (DDA) for promotion of Dairy development.

• Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) for promotion of coffee development.

• Cotton Development Organisation (CDO) for promotion of cotton development

How to Apply for Ministry for Agriculture, Animal Industry, & Fisheries Vacancies

Apply for Ministry for Agriculture, Animal Industry, & Fisheries Vacancies

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