Ministry for Foreign Affairs Vacancies

By | January 8, 2020

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Missions abroad have and continue to implement Uganda’s Foreign Policy through: Promoting Regional and International Peace and Security; Commercial Diplomacy; Regional Integration; Implementing and Reporting Obligations on International Treaties and Conventions; Mobilizing Bilateral and Multilateral Resources for Development; Providing Protocol and Consular services to Ugandans and Foreign dignitaries as well as enhancing Uganda’s image abroad through Public Diplomacy.

The history of Ministry of Foreign Affairs dates just before independence in 1962 and from 9th October 1962-1966, when it was under the office of the Prime Minister.

Below is the chart showing Foreign Ministers, Ministers of State for both Regional and International Affairs as well as the Permanent Secretaries since Uganda’s Independence to date.

How to Apply for Ministry for Foreign Affairs Vacancies

Apply for Ministry for Foreign Affairs Vacancies

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
P.O.Box 7048, Kampala
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Telephone: +256-414-345661, +256-414-257525
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