Musoma Utalii Training College – Musoma Admission Requirements

By | July 7, 2023

Musoma Utalii Training College – Musoma Admission Requirements

Musoma Utalii Training college, is a private owned college which was established on 05th Jan 2001, at a hiring Rumumba house number 19 in Musoma Municipal Council.
It started with two courses and five students taking Hotel Management and Tourism respectively.

Following the registration by (VETA),
the college managed to add another course to make a total of three courses and twelve students till the end of the year. In 2013 the college got a full registration from NACTE with registration number REG/TLF/120 with its name MUSOMA UTALII TRAINING COLLEGE.

Until there, the college had the total number of students which is not less than 700 students, per year we have several students carrying on their courses, with their professional teachers students enjoy much when they practice on what they have learned, and this become the principal law of the college which encourages “learn by doing”

If you plan to become a teacher, special educator, administrator or a human service provider, you will find a diverse array of learning, social/cultural, professional, and practice communities in the College.

These communities and your fellow students will provide you a supportive climate and a culture of belonging where you are respected and affirmed. In addition to our academic programs, the MUTC College includes an alliance of nationally prominent supportive materials, full equipped classes, and affiliated research and outreach units working to fulfill the college mission.

Musoma Utalii Training College – Musoma Admission


hallo!! here are some rules and guidelines to adhere, during and after the registration of students in the respective academic year
Admission and Registration Guidelines.

a) Students with admission letters are required to report for admission and registration within two weeks of the commencement of the semester.

b) Students are required to bring with them original copies of supporting documents for verification and authentication. It is a criminal offence to produced forged documents.

c) Students are required to pay semester fees according to the fee structure schedules issued by the College. Current fee structure can be obtained either from Accounts Offices or from college website at instruction.

d) Students who have satisfied items a-c above will be registered as Students in the program they applied for.

e) Students will be allowed to change a program of study on exceptional circumstances, subject to acceptance by the Head of Department of the program of study he/she wishes to change to, entry requirements and fee structures.

f) It is the College’s policy to use names appearing on Students original certificates, any change of name will be entertained on legal basis only.

g) No Student shall be allowed to postpone studies after effective commencement of the semester except under special circumstances. Permission to postpone studies will be considered after producing satisfactory reasons for postponement.

h) On accepting the admission, a Student is committing to adhere fully to regulations, rules, by–laws and ethics and values of the MUTC.

i) Selected Students are required to report for a one week orientation program that normally takes place during the week preceding the beginning of a new semester.

j) Deadline for registration of new Students shall be two weeks from the first data of the orientation week while for continuing Students will be the Friday of the second week after the beginning of the semester.

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