Muteesa I Royal University (MRU) Hostel Accommodation

By | July 4, 2019

Muteesa I Royal University (MRU) Hostel Accommodation

Muteesa I Royal University currently has available for immediate occupancy a variety of on-campus accommodations for full students. Offered through the Dean’s office our current apartments provides our student residents with:

  • Convenience: On-campus apartments that are directly adjacent to university facilities, services, and amenities
  • Reliability and Response: Professional, 24-7, on-site property management
  • Dining, Entertainment, and Retail: A wide variety of dining, entertainment, and retail options mostly within walking distance
  • Transportation: Direct access to public transport.
  • Safety and Security: The security is guarantee.

O-level certificate with 5 passes in approved subjects including a pass in English language or equivalent.

A-level certificate with at least one principal pass and two subsidiaries at A-level in relevant subjects or equivalent or.

A certificate in a relevant subject from a recognized educational institution.

For a diploma in secondary education, one should have two principal passes in two relevant subjects.

For a diploma in Primary education, one must have a Grade III Teacher’s certificate from a recognized institution.

In-Service Degree programme entry requirements

Ugandan applicants for degree programmes should hold either a Diploma in Primary or Secondary Education, and at least two years working experience.

In-Service Diploma programme entry requirements

Ugandan applicants for diploma programmes should hold a Grade III Teachers’ certificate in primary education and some two years working experience.

Advanced Certificate programme entry requirements

Those who want to enroll for an Advanced Certificate programme in any discipline should possess at least 2 subsidiary passes or a Principle pass at A-level.