Soroti University Admission Cut Off Points

By | April 25, 2022

Soroti University Admission Cut Off Points

Here is the complete list of courses offered at Soroti University for all programmes and admission requirements for the academic year .

We have gathered the full list of courses offered in Soroti University and cut off point/requirements to enable prospective candidates to have knowledge of the various accredited courses available in this College.

As usual, UgandaFact have arranged all courses offered in Soroti University for ease of identification for prospective candidates and students.Therefore we have deemed it necessary to publish the officially approved list of courses offered in Soroti University  as it has become increasingly necessary based on data received as regards the subject matter.Here is a comprehensive list of courses offered in Soroti University , therefore candidates aspiring to gain admission into the Soroti University can go through the information provided.

Soroti University offers Diploma and Certificate programs that help prepare students for higher education and also advance their careers.  They are usually under certain departments and short in length since they are intended to cover specific areas. They include:

A) School of Health Sciences

Currently Offered

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

BSc in Nursing Science


BSc. Biomedical Sciences

BSc. Biomedical Laboratory Technology

BSc. Biomedical Engineering

Bachelor of Dentistry

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Diploma in Pharmacy

B) Institute of Gastronomy and Culinary Sciences

BSc in Gastronomy and Culinary Sciences.
Courses for Professionals and Gastronomy enthusiasts.
C) School of Engineering and Technology

BSc Computer Engineering

BSc. Physics Engineering

BSc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering

BSc. Industrial Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering

D) School of Applied Sciences and Education

BSc. With Education (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Computer Science and Physical Education)

BSc. Mathematics (Major and Minor)

E) School of Business Sciences and Economics

Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Technology and Design

BSc. Accounting, Finance and Computing

BSc. Economics (Major and Minor)

 of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Applicants must hold a diploma from a health Training Institution accredited by the National Council for Higher Education in any of the following Health professional disciplines. i) Medical Laboratory Technology ii) Radiography iii) Physiotherapy iv) Anaesthesia v) Ophthalmology vi) Orthopedics vii) Environmental Health viii) Dental Health ix) Pharmacy x) Psychiatry xi. Nursing xii) Midwifery xiii) Clinical medicine xiv) Entomology.

b) Bachelor of Nursing Science
Applicants must be a double trained nurse or hold a diploma in i) Comprehensive Nursing, ii) Midwifery or Nursing, iii) Clinical Medicine and Community Health, iv)
Psychiatry, v) Ophthalmology, vi) Orthopaedics, vii) Physiotherapy,
viii)Anaesthesia and ix) Environmental Health.

c) All Applicants
i) Must have fulfilled the minimum requirements for entry into a diploma Programme
ii) Must have working experience of at least 2 years in the relevant fields by the time of application
iii) Must be registered with the relevant professional body and possess a valid practicing license
iv) Candidates who hold Grades X, Y, Z, 7 and 9 of ‘O-‘Level results should not apply because they are not eligible
v) Diploma holder applicants who hold class Three (3) Diploma certificates or pass diplomas are not eligible for admission and therefore should not apply, except where stated in the Diploma holder’s requirements.

Candidates who hold the following degrees are eligible to join the MBChB programme:
i. Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (BNS)
ii. Bachelor of Medical Radiography (BMR)
iii. Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPHARM)
iv. Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (BBS)
v. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory sciences / Bachelor of Biomedical Laboratory Technology
vi. Bachelor of Environmental Sciences (BES)