St. John College of Health Admissions

By | July 11, 2023

St. John College of Health Admissions

Admissions are opened for applicants who are interested in studying Physiotherapist and also for those who want to study Truama and Orthopedic Technicians

Admissions for the 2023/2024 applicants are opened from Monday 24th April to Friday 30th June 2023.

Our programmes has been developed to augment the delivery of physiotherapy and Trauma and Orthopedic services in the clinical areas, industries and at the community. Our programmes are designed to produce a competent middle-level care of physiotherapy and Truama and Orthopedic professionals who will give basic physiotherapy and Truama and Orthopedic care and services.


Applicants must possess a minimum of CREDIT (C6 in WASSCE or D in SSSCE) in;
A. The THREE Core Subjects (English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science), and
B. Three Elective Subjects from the following areas;
i. SCIENCE: Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry
ii. AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE: General Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry
iii. HOME ECONOMICS: Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Economics, Food and Nutrition, Management in Living.
iv. GENERAL ARTS: Literature in English, French, Ghanaian Languages, Christian/Islamic Religious Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Government, Mathematics and General Knowledge in Arts.

NB: The THREE Core Subjects and THREE Elective Subjects must give an Aggregate of 24 or better for SSSCE applicants and 36 or better for WASSCE Applicants (WASSCE: A1 – C6/SSSCE A-D). D7, E8 & F9 ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR ADMISSION into the programme.

In addition to the above a candidate must submit a completed application form (Ministry of Health/ Health Training Institutions Application Form) and go through a selection process comprising of a written examination and oral interview.


Course Syllabus

How to Apply

Applicant must purchase application codes from the Ghana Commercial Bank(GCB) or Agricultural Development Bank(ADB), at Two Hundred Ghana Cedis.
Upon Payment, applicants will receive a voucher giving them a unique PIN and Serial Number.
Applicant must then use the PIN and Serial Number to access the application Forms online at;
NB:Have dedicated phone number and Email
Use PIN and Serial Number cherk admission status