The Open University of Tanzania (OUT) Examination Registration

The Open University of Tanzania (OUT) Examination Registration

The Open University of Tanzania (OUT) 2023/2024 Examination Registration

Registration by a candidate for a course of study shall not be taken as guaranteed registration for examinations and tests for that subject. Each candidate shall be required to register for the examinations in specific subjects at least one month at the latest, before the commencement of tests and examinations period

Eligibility for Examinations

A candidate shall be admitted to examinations for subjects for which the candidate is registered at the beginning of the academic year after tutors and the Dean of the Faculty are satisfied that the candidate has fully completed all the requisite requirements of the course.

Each candidate will be required to fill in the Student Progress Portfolio (SPP) which will be assessed to determine his/her preparedness for examinations during the face-to-face session prior to examinations

In the Student Progress Portfolio (SPP), the student is expected to summarize, in one page, for each subject, the description of what he/she considers to be the most important knowledge and skills gained from the subject. This part must only be filled when the student thinks he/she is ready to attempt the examination.

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No student will be allowed into the examination unless he/she has submitted a portfolio for assessment by academic staff, available during face-to-face (F2F) sessions for endorsement. The SPP can also be assessed at any other time outside the F2F sessions.

No mark will be awarded for the SPP, but each student will be expected to keep the portfolio in a safe place till graduation. A student may be called to present the portfolio anytime, for the sake of verification of his/her studentship status.

The subjects that are cleared from the SPP will then be forwarded to the Examinations Syndicate, for preparation of Examination Hall Tickets (EHT).

A candidate shall be permitted to sit for the Main Timed Tests (MTTs) that are held in January and February, after having paid at least 50% of all the requisite tuition fees and examination fees.

A candidate shall be permitted to sit for the Annual Examination (AE) that are usually held in May/June after having paid 100% of all requisite tuition and examination fees.

A candidate whose work progress is considered unsatisfactory may be required by the Senate, on the recommendation of the appropriate Faculty/Institute Board, to repeat any part of the course before admission to
an examination. Only in cases of total failure and on the recommendation of the Faculty Board, a student may be asked to withdraw from the University.