Tororo District Vacancies

By | January 14, 2020

Bukedi District came into being in 1967 when the new Constitution was formulated by the then regime of the day. Its Headquarters was changed from Mbale to Tororo and became operational in 1968.

It comprised of the countries of Pallisa, Budaka- Bugwere, Bunyole, West Budama, Tororo, and Samia- Bugwe.

During Amini`s time, its name was changed to Tororo District, still with the same counties.

With the coming of the Decentralization policy, Pallisa county broke off in 1990s to become Pallisa District, in 1997 Samia Bugwe broke off to become Busia District, while Bunyole county broke off in 2006 to become Butaleja District. What remained is the current Tororo that we are planning for. That has been the evolution of Tororo District to date.

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