UBTEB Go UG Online Registration Forms pdf

2023/2024 UBTEB Go UG Online Registration Forms pdf

Uganda Business and Technical Examination Board (UBTEB) is preparing to conduct Assessment/Examination for the following categories: Business and Humanities, Technical and Vocational diploma, Biological and Physical Science.

(1) The Board shall register a candidate for examinations with an entry requirement as stipulated in the curriculum/syllabi approved by the authorised government body.

(2) A candidate shall be required by the Board to be registered in an assessment/examination center.

(3) The Head of a center shall obtain registration forms from the Board and submit them to the Board within a period specified by the Board from time to time.

(4) Late presentation of candidates by Head of center for examination registration to the Board shall attract a surcharge of 50% of the examination registration fee.

(5) The Head of center shall ensure that all candidates fill in their examination registration forms properly for correct and accurate registration.

(6) At the time of registration at the center, each candidate is responsible for ensuring that his/her bio data is correctly recorded as they would like them to appear on the transcript and certificate. A candidate should maintain previously recorded names on the academic and professional documents.

(7) The candidate is responsible for ensuring that his/her Identification/registration Number is written correctly on the registration form.

(8) In an event that a candidate has been discovered to have been presented and registered in a manner that contravenes these rules,

(i) The Board shall at any time deregister, withdraw and/or nullify the certificates and other academic documents issued by the Board.

(ii) The responsible examination center shall take responsibility of the offence and the Board shall have the right to suspend or withdraw the center for a period determined by the Board or take any other appropriate action.

Eligible candidates

A candidate shall be eligible for sitting his or her examinations if he or she is presented by a licensed, registered and accredited center, as a bonafide student who has studied continuously for a semester or a year or two years whichever is applicable and has fulfilled all academic and professional requirements.

Withdrawal of a candidate from examinations

(1) The Head of center shall notify the Board of a case of withdrawal of a candidate at least 2 months before the beginning of the examination for purposes of deregistration.

(2) In such cases, the Board shall not refund the examination fees neither shall it allow replacement of such a candidate with another one.

Check UBTEB Registration Deadline

This therefore serves to inform all training institution offering programmes in the above categories for register for the assessment/examination, this shall commence on Friday, 29th with briefing

Normal Registration for these examination will begin on Monday, June 13th and will end on Wednesday 6th July, late registration will begin on Monday July, 11th and will end on Friday 15th July.

This candidates with be CHARGED 5O% of the normal registration.

As a reminder, deadline MUST be fully observed as there shall be registration exercise beyond the registration deadline.

Registration Fees

(1) The Head of center shall remit the Examination registration fees to the Board.

Accessing the Online application form

The UBTEB online candidate application form will open, depending on your internet speed, wait until the form opens

Guide for filling the online application form

  • Start by filling the form below with your personal details (Bio Information) as indicated in the previous academic documents.

Remember that, all fields marks with a * are mandatory and must be filled with the required information.

Click next after entering all the information required.

Fill in the Program Information, select the exam Centre, program and sponsorship. Add the name of the sponsor if the sponsorship is private and click next to access the relevant qualification screen.

Click next after. This will display the section for relevant qualifications/Previous academic details for the candidate applying to be registered. UBTEB Registration Form

Fill in the field with details from your previous academic documents.

Remember to fill at least one index number/registration number from your previous qualifications.

Click next after.

This will take you to the section of terms where you will agree on the information provided by clicking on “I agree ……….”

Click to Apply button.

The message will be displayed that should if the application was successful or not. If the application is successful, an application number will be generated that the candidate can use to track the status of their application.

You can Download Application Form Hard Copy Here


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