Uganda Christian University School of Psychology

By | February 24, 2020

The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (MACP) at UCU is a professional degree with an emphasis on practicum and on the integration of theological and psychological understanding in practical life application.

The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program is offered in modular form, three modules per year. Within each module, trainees will complete four course units.

The duration of the program is 6 modules within two years, enabling working professionals in the counseling or related fields to enhance their education and vocational opportunities.

Modules run during January, April/May and August/September. New intakes are held in April/May each year. The MACP is currently offered at the main Uganda Christian University campus in Mukono.

Courses Offered

The Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology


Candidates must meet the general admissions requirements of the University for Post Graduate Programs.

In addition, the application process will include:

1. Submission of a typed manuscript outlining the following:

  a) A personal testimony of religious life, work life and general experience
b) An outline of major life goals and how you plan to achieve them
c) The reasons for choosing counseling as your career path (A copy of this manuscript should be submitted to the Coordinator of the Program).

2. A list of 3 character referees with complete contact information.

3. A personal confidential interview with staff of the Counseling Program. Please provide accurate contact information.

Download a postgraduate application form from the admissions page. Complete and attach the relevant academic documents and submit to the Admissions Office, Uganda Christian University, with nonrefundable application fee of 50,000 Uganda shillings or $25. For further information, please contact Gooreka Okahaabwa, Coordinator Counseling Programs at or Admissions office at