UNEB Equating Results

UNEB Equating Results For 2023/2024

UNEB is mandated to equate foreign qualifications at Primary School and Secondary School levels to UNEB standards at Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE – Ordinary level) and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE – Advanced level).


Instructions:<<Download Guidelines For Equating>>To apply online for Equating of Academic Documents, the Applicant shall:

Provide Information about the Institution that awarded the Academic Qualification and that that requires the equated results such as Postal Address, Telephone, Email etc.

Request the National Examination Body that issued the Academic Document to send a Verified Copy addressed to the Executive Director, UNEB by email at equating@uneb.ac.ug

Upload a fully Filled and Signed Declaration form <<Download Declaration Form>>

Provide details about the Applicant like Name, Valid ID, Email etc. 


The following guidelines/procedures shall be followed by any person who wishes to apply for his/her
academic qualifications to be equated.

 Application for equating can be done through UNEB e-services portal, which can be accessed at https://eservices.uneb.ac.ug

The applicant shall:

a) Complete Application Form from the UNEB portal

b) Upload a fully filled and signed Declaration form downloadable from the UNEB portal and a clear photocopy of a valid personal identification document (e.g. passport or national ID).

c) Request the National Examination Body that issued the academic qualification document to

send a verified/certified copy addressed to the Executive Director, UNEB by emailing at equating@uneb.ac.ug. For applicants from South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia, the letters of verification and confirmation of results can be obtained from their respective Embassies in Kampala)

d) Provide the postal, telephone and e-mail address of the institution that awarded the academic


e) Provide the postal, telephone and e-mail address of the institution that requires the equated results.

Academic qualification documents (e.g. certificates) that are not written in English Language must be translated by the Embassy of their respective country or any other recognized translating institution.

Each document from East Africa will be charged Uganda shillings 200,000/= (two hundred thousand), while those from outside East Africa will be charged 250,000/= (two hundred fifty thousand) payable through Airtel/MTN Mobile Money or Bank Deposits. An invoice/Payment advice will be generated for the applicant before payment made.

Applicants should not pay for the service of equating before their documents are verified by UNEB

UNEB shall accept to process the application for equating only after the invoice has been paid.

The equating process takes minimum five working days from the date of payment. Notifications shall be sent via SMS /email to the applicant.

The equated documents shall be sent directly to the requesting institution.

UNEB shall not be held liable for any forgeries and alteration of equated results.

No refund shall be made for equated documents.

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