UNEB Research Officer-Data Management Job Vacancy (NAPE)

By | October 28, 2022

UNEB Research Officer-Data Management Job Vacancy (NAPE)


Responsible to          Senior Research Officer NAPE (DM)

Responsible for        Ad-hoc data support staff

  1. Salary Scale EB 5
  1. Purpose of the Job

Conducting data collection and management activities

  1. Main Duties and Responsibilities
  • Liaising with the Ministry of Education and Sports and Uganda Bureau of Statistics to secure up-to-date records on schools in the sample frame and demographic information on target respondents.
  • Validating the list of sampled schools by gathering information on the actual location of the schools and distances from their district headquarters and updating the record where it is found necessary.
  • Identifying personnel to participate in data entry work based on the qualifications as outlined in the procedural guide.
  • Conducting data entry, cleaning, and validation to achieve correct and accurate records of data and managing scripts in an orderly and secure manner during data entry.
  • Coding contextual instruments and answering queries on data that may arise at any stage of data management.
  • Keeping a record of materials received from stores for data management activities such as scripts, computers, tablets, cameras, projectors, and bags, and ensuring that they are safe during the activity; and are returned into safe custody after use.
  • Communicating to schools and relevant field links on matters of data management that may call for clarification from them.
  • Contributing to the drafting of reports on learners’ achievement and reading skills.
  • Preparing, compiling and keeping statistical records in a manner that makes it easy for retrieval and reference purposes.
  1. Key Performance Indicators
  • Up-to-date record of scripts received and allocated to data entrants
  • Cleaned and validated data
  • Record of materials used for data management activities
  • Up-to-date record of schools
  • Up-to-date record of demographic information of respondents
  • Required personnel for data management sourced
  • Coded instruments
  • Well-compiled stored statistical records
  1. Key Decision Making

Improvements in data collection.

Data storage

Updating data

  1. Person Specifications
  • Academic/Professional Qualifications

Hons Bachelor’s degree in Educational Measurement/Statistics


Hons Bachelor’s degree in Arts /Sciences (Maths/Statistics) with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

  • Work Experience

At least 3 years experience in educational assessment data management involving sampling and data analysis work with a reputable educational assessment body, handling big volumes of data.

  • Skills/Competencies/Attributes
  • Numerical/statistical analytical abilities
  • Sampling techniques
  • Good interpersonal relations and collaborative skills
  • Word processing, spreadsheets, and database computer applications
  • Modern IRT psychometric and or analytical techniques
  • High degree of integrity and confidentiality.
  1. Terms of Service:             Permanent


  • Address:
    35 Matyrs’ Way Ntinda, Kampala, UGANDA.
  • Working hours:
    Mon – Fri: 8AM – 5PM
  • Call us Toll Free: