UNEB UCE Draft Timetable

UNEB UCE Draft Timetable For the 2023/2024 Examination

UNEB UCE Draft Timetable For the 2023/2024 Examination


The purpose of the examination is to assess the candidates’ level of achievement.  It is not an end in itself but will help to place candidates in their career paths.  Candidates should, therefore, approach the examination without panic.


The time allowed for each paper is shown against the name of the paper and NO EXTRA TIME IS TO BE ALLOWED.  In case of any discrepancy, the time stated on the question paper must be taken as correct.  Any time allocated for reading through questions, studying maps, etc. is included in the total time shown except when special paper instructions indicate otherwise.

In drawing up a detailed timetable for circulation to schools and/or candidates the Board is guided by the following rules:

  1. Papers included in the same period should begin at the same time, except when a candidate is offering two papers in the same period, the second paper should be timed to follow the first after a reasonable interval, but not exceeding 30 minutes.
  2. Daytime periods should be provided for Art Papers.
  3. No candidate may take more than one of the papers bracketed together.

Uganda National Examinations Board will arrange timetables for examinations in 662/2 Foods and Nutrition, 665/2 IPS Foods and Nutrition, 672/2 Home Management, 314/1 Oral French, 309/3 German Orals, and  621/3 Music Practical which will be conducted by visiting examiners on dates prior to 11th October. IPS 612/2,3 will be issued at 12:00 p.m. on the day of the Examination to allow for the setting of the specimen.

Coursework Assessment marks for subjects where it is a requirement, including French 314/1, must be submitted to  UNEB through the school portal no later than 30th September. Centers must not deliver the Coursework Assessment marks physically, by post, or by courier because they shall not be accepted.  Subjects with coursework components will not be graded without coursework marks.

IMPORTANT:  Candidates’ attention is drawn to the “Directions to Candidates” and “Caution Against Malpractice in or around the Examination Room” at the end of this document.  It is hereby assumed that candidates and all concerned have read, understood, and will abide by these regulations.

The Chief Invigilator must begin the Morning session at 9.00 a.m. and the Afternoon session at 2.00 p.m.  Any deviation from the set time must be explained to the Board in writing.  Candidates with special needs will be allowed 45 extra minutes.

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Download the document below for more information



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