University of Cape Town Accommodation / Residence

By | June 21, 2019

University of Cape Town (UCT) Accommodation / Residence


1st Tier Residences provide accommodation for undergraduate students. Students are usually under the age of 21. These residences provide students with up to three meals a day in a dining hall or otherwise students may choose to use food vouchers on campus during lunch hours.


College House



Leo Marquard

Smuts Hall


University House


Baxter Hall

Fuller Hall

Graca Machel Hall

Tugwell Hall


Clarinus Village

Glendower (Glenres)

Rochester House

In addition to these residences, UCT offers second and third-tier residences. Second-tier residences provide accommodation for senior undergraduate or postgraduate students. All second-tier residences are single and most are composed of two-to-four bedroom flats.

Some residences are catering where up to three meals a day are provided in a dining hall, otherwise other residences are self-catering. The residents also have access to a common-room space for television, meetings and social interactions, as well as self-operating laundry facilities. In addition, many have access to a piano, pool and table tennis facilities, as well as a swimming pool.

For more information on second-tier residences visit here.Third-tier residences provide accommodation for senior postgraduate students. In these residences basic furniture is provided and majority residences are within walking distance of Upper Campus or close to a Jammie Shuttle stop.

Some residences have self-operating laundry facilities, and all residents have access to UCT sport facilities and pools. For more information on third-tier residences visit here.