Full List Of Courses Offered At University of Dar es Salaam

Full List Of Courses Offered At University of Dar es Salaam

The University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) started in 1961 as a College of the University of London. In 1963 it became a Constituent College of the University of East Africa. It was formally established in August 1970, as a National University, through the University of Dar es Salaam Act number 12 of 1970. It was established with three main objectives, namely: 

  • To transmit knowledge as a basis of action, from one generation to another; 
  • To act as a centre for advancing frontiers of knowledge through scientific research; and 
  • To meet the high level human resource needs of the Tanzanian society. 

In 1961, the University started with the Faculty of Law. It expanded over the years with the establishment of numerous Faculties and Institutes. It established a number of Colleges, some of which later evolved into independent fully-fledged universities. 

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Find all courses offered by University of Dar es Salaam , Find certificate, diploma, degree, masters, doctorate and postgraduate diploma courses offered by University of Dar es Salaam .

Undergraduate programme

Information Technology

BSc in Computer Engineering and Information Technology

BSc in Computer Science

BSc in Electronic Science and Communication

BSc in Telecommunications Engineering

BSc with Computer Science


BA with Education (Chinese and English)

BA with Education (shared with CoSS)

Bachelor of Arts with Education

Bachelor of Arts with Education

Bachelor of Education in Arts

Bachelor of Education in Commerce

Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Education in Physical Education and Sport Sciences

Bachelor of Education in Psychology

Bachelor of Education in Science

Bachelor of Science with Education

BSc with Education


Bachelor of Architecture

BSc in Chemical and Process Engineering BSc in Civil Engineering

BSc in Electrical Engineering BSc in Mechanical Engineering

BSc in Geomatics

BSc in Industrial Engineering

BSc in Metallurgy and Mineral Processing Engineering

BSc in Mining Engineering

BSc in Petroleum Engineering

BSc in Quantity Surveying

BSc in Textile Design and Technology

BSc in Textile Engineering


BSc – General

Natural Sciences

BSc in Botanical Sciences

BSc in Chemistry

BSc in Engineering Geology

BSc in Geology

BSc with Geology

Applied Sciences

BSc in Actuarial Sciences

BSc in Agricultural and Natural Resources Economics and Business

BSc in Agricultural Engineering and Mechanization

BSc in Applied Zoology

BSc in Beekeeping Science and Technology

BSc in Food Science and Technology

BSc in Meteorology

BSc in Microbiology

BSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

BSc in Petroleum Chemistry

BSc in Petroleum Geology

BSc in Wildlife Science and Conservation

Doctor of Medicine

Social Sciences

BA in Archeology

BA in Archeology and Geography

BA in Archeology and History

BA in Economics

BA in Economics and Statistics

BA in Geography and Environmental Studies

BA in Heritage Management

BA in History

BA in Philosophy and Ethics

BA in Psychology

BA in Sociology

BA in Statistics

BA of Library and Information Studies

BA of Social Work


BA in Anthropology

BA in Art and Design

BA in Film and Television

BA in Journalism

BA in Language Studies

BA in Literature

BA in Mass Communication

BA in Music

BA in Political Science and Public Administration

BA in Public Relations and Advertising

BA in Theatre Arts


Bachelor of Arts in Law Enforcement

Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Business Administration (Evening Programme)

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting

Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Financial Services

Bachelor of Commerce in Finance

Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources Management

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing

Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Postgraduate programme

Master of Arts in Development Studies


MSc Biochemistry

MSc. Biodiversity & Conservation

MSc. Chemistry

MSc. Education

MSc. in Applied Botany

MSc. Mathematical modeling

MSc. Mathematics

MSc. Petroleum geology

MSc. Physics

PhD. Environmental Science

PhD. Mathematics

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) – Evening

Contact Details For University of Dar es Salaam Available Courses Offered

Location: Dar es salaam

Email: doso@udsm.ac.tz

Phone No: +255 22 2410256

Fax No: +255 22 2410256