Ardhi University (ARU) Application Forms

By | June 7, 2023

Ardhi University (ARU) Application Forms

The Ardhi University ARU is a leading institution of higher education in Tanzania that provides students with access to world-class education and research opportunities. Whether you’re a prospective student, current student, or alumni, this guide will provide you with all the information you need about the Ardhi University ARU.

Ardhi University ARU Undergraduate Application Forms

Step 1:

To apply for Undergraduate programmes, you will be required to Visit ARU Online Application System available at

Thereafter you will click register and fill in all required details to have direct access to ARU Online Application System (OAS). If you have ever applied at ARU previously, at this step you will be required to enter your username and password in order to log in to our application system.

Step 2:

At this stage our beloved applicant, you will be required to fill in your personal information as it has been directed.

Step 3:

After filling in your personal details, in the next stage you will be required to pay

·application fee in order to proceed with your application to the next step.

Therefore you will click a button of payment and then you will be given a control number which you will use it for paying a total of 10,000/= TZS as an application fee. (This figure is subject to change)

After payment is successfully done you will see a status of successful Payment of which you will be allowed to continue to the next step. Kindly note that payments are easily done through AIRTEL MONEY; TIGO PESA; M-PESA; CRDB BANK; NMB BANK.

Step 4:

At this stage (Academic Results), you will be required to attach your form four and form six results as indicated. For the equivalent applicant, you will attach your form four results. In the section of attaching form Six results, you will fill in your Award Verification Number (AVN) at the space of index number accreditated by NACTE in order to allow our system to fetch your respective Diploma results.

Steps 5:

At this stage (Apply for Programme), you will be required to apply for a program of your choice as directed depending on your choices.

  • In case you are not much familiar with entry requirements for a program you wish to apply to, ARU has put in place academic qualifications and requirements that give the potential applicant eligibility for the program applicant wishes to apply. Eligibility for our Undergraduate programmes is aligned with the Tanzania Commission for University (TCU) minimum entry requirements.

For more details about entry requirements please do not hesitate to consult our Prospectus available on the ARU website ( or TCU admission guidelines at

Step 6:

This is the last stage of your application process ( Review and Submit ), at this step, you have been given a chance to review your filled information in each step: if there are any corrections you will be able to edit before submitting, if there will be no corrections you will submit your application package for further execution.

Ardhi University ARU Online Application

Step 1: Registration for an admission account

  1. Visit our admission system through web address( url) :
  2. Create an account in Ardhi University Admissions System through the login / register menu, or click the “Apply Now” button. Note: to create an account in the admission system you will need the following details
    1. Where did you complete your O-level secondary education? (In Tanzania OR Abroad).
      1. If you completed your O-level secondary level education in Tanzania then, you must enter your NECTA Form 4 Index Number
      2. Make sure you have your Form 4 Index Number and your names should be the same as they appear in your certificate(s).
      3. For applicants with multiple sittings, make sure you use your first sitting NECTA form 4 index no.
      4. If you have studied your O-level secondary level education abroad then, you must enter your NECTA equivalence number.
  3. Please confirm that the index number you provided matches the name retrieved from NECTA
  4. To finalize registration you will need to enter email mobile number and password.
    Then click the “create an account” button on your right hand side to create an account.
    1. If you are successfully registered, then the system will send you an authentication code via registered mobile phone number.
    2. Use the authentication code to complete your registration process.

Step 2: Make the Application

  1. After you have successfully logged in to your account you will be presented with four[4] steps to finish your application.
    • 1: Basic Details.
      Follow the basic details form to enter your information
    • 2: Educational Background.
      If you have multiple O-Level or A-Level settings, make sure you enter all your NECTA index numbers for results from your multiple sittings to be used in the selection process. If you are a holder of an ordinary diploma or you have equivalent qualifications make sure you enter your AVN number from NACTE.
  • 3: Program Selection.
  • Select the programme of your choice from first choice up to fourth choice as shown on the programme application form
  • 4: Application Fee
  • Use the reference number shown to pay the application fee amounting to TSH. 10,000/= by using mobile money services i.e. Mpesa, Tigopesa, Airtelmoney, etc. The application fee is non-refundable.

Details for payment

Open your T-Pesa by dialling *150*71#Then choose 5 LIPA bili/PAY billThen choose 3 Malipo ya serikali/Government PaymentsThe Reference number(control number)/ number ya kumbukumbu ya malipo: take from your Admission system account at the make payment button.Ezypesa Number dialing *150*02#Then choose 5 LIPA bili/PAY billThen choose 5 Malipo ya serikali/Government PaymentsChoose/Chagua 1 Tanzania BaraThe Reference number(control number)/ number ya kumbukumbu ya malipo: take from your Admission system account at the make payment button.Open your T-Pesa by dialing *150*71#Then choose 5 LIPA bili/PAY billThen choose 3 Malipo ya serikali/Government PaymentsThe Reference number(control number)/ number ya kumbukumbu ya malipo: take from your Admission system account at the make payment button.

For more info contact the school at

+255 738 564 712

 +255 738 357 330