Gulu University Admission List

By | July 8, 2019

Gulu University Admission List

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The office of the Academic Registrar, Gulu University has released the admission list for private sponsored students for the Academic Year.

Congratulations to successfully admitted applicants who have been accepted into the Gulu University to offer their preferred programme.

NOTE: The school fees schedule have been provided below after and is to serve as a guide only to admitted students for the academic year


The following candidates are admitted to Gulu University under the respective programmes and campuses

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Download the released admission list below;

Below are the Tuition Fees For Gulu University For the Academic Year



Guide Fee (Per Semester)              30,000        NA                    Identity Card (Once)                      10,000                                   NA
Sports Fee (Per Semester)             30,000                                   NA
Library Fee (Per Semester)           2,000                                     NA
Caution Money (Once)                   1,000                                     NA
University Rules Book (Once)       1,000                                     NA
UNSA Fee (Per Annum)                  2,000                                      NA
Surcharge after 8 Week with <100% fees paid       20,000             NA


Registration Fee (Per Semester)              30,000                         45
Surcharge after 8 Week with <100% fees paid    20,000                  30
Technology Fee (Per Annum)                  50,000                          60
Examination Fee (Per Semester)             80,000                         135
UNSA Fee (Per Annum)                              2,000                            5
Identity Card (Once)                                   20,000                         15
Sports Fee (Per Semester)                         30,000                         30
University Rules Book (Once)                   5,000                            5
Capital Development (Once)                     80,100                        45
Re-examination/Retake (Per Paper)        6,000                          10
Medical Examination (1st Semester)       20,000                        30
Medical Fee (Per Semester)                        20,000                        15
Library User Fee (Per Semester)               20,000                        30
Guild Fee (Per Semester)                             30,000                       45
School Practice Fee (Bachelor of Education Students Year II & III and Postgraduate Diploma in Education ) [Per Semester]      150,000       150
Internship Fee (Diploma in Pharmacy & Certificate in Pharmaceutical and Health Supplies Management) [Per Annum]         200,000         200
Internship Fee (Bachelor of Science in Public Health) [Per Annum] 300,000 300


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery        1,344,000            1,995
Bachelor of Agriculture                                                 1,050,000            1,365
Bachelor of Science in Biosystems Engineering       1,344,000           1,995
Bachelor of Science in Food and Agribusiness          1,050,000           1,365
Bachelor of Science in Agri-Entreprenuership and Communication Management                                                                     1,050,000          1,365
Bachelor of Science in Public Health                           1,344,000          1,995
Bachelor of Business Administration                          910,000              1.365
Bachelor of Public Administration                              770,000               1,125
Bachelor of Development Studies                                770,000              1,125
Bachelor of Quantitative Economics                          1,050,000            1,365
Bachelor of Science Economics                                   980,000               1,365
Bachelor of Business Education                                  630,000               840
Bachelor of Arts Education                                           630,000               840
Bachelor of Education (Primary) [Distance]              630,000              840
Bachelor of Science Education (Biological)                630,000              840
Bachelor of Science Education (Economics)              630,000              840
Bachelor of Science Education (Physical)                   630,000              840
Bachelor of Science Education (Sports Science)        630,000             840
Bachelor of Science Education (Agriculture)             630,000              840
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science                   910,000            1,365
Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology   910,000   1,365
Bachelor of Laws                                                             1,200,000         1,400
Diploma in Pharmacy                                                     600,000             800
Diploma in Computer Science                                       490,000             755
Diploma in Development Studies                                 420,000             525
Diploma in Secretarial and Information Management    420,000     420
Certificate in Pharmaceutical and Health Supplies Management 450,000 350
Certificate in Secretarial and information Management    350,000   300


Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural and Applied Biosciences 3,800,000 3,800
Doctor of Philosophy by Research                                 3,800,000      3,800
Master of Arts in Conflict Transformation Studies    1,000,000       1,680
Master of Arts in Public Administration and Management  1,120,000   1,700
Master of Business Administration                               1,120,000       1,680
Master of Arts in Governance and Ethics                    1,500,000         1,900
Master of Education in Educational Management      980,000          1,470
Master of Science in Applied Tropical Entomology and Parasitology 1,200,000 1,680
Master of Medicine (Surgery)                                          2,500,000       2,500
Master of Medical Anthropology                                    1,500,000       1,900
Master of Science in Agri-Enterprises Development  1,300,000       1,000
Masters of Science in Food Security and Community Nutrition 1,300,000 1,000
Master of Public Health                                                      2,000,000       2,000
Master of Science in Animal Production and Marketing   1,300,000   1,000
Master of Science in Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management 1,300,000 1,000
Postgraduate Diploma in Education                                 560,000          630
Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management 560,000 630
Postgraduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management   560,000   630
Postgraduate Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Management 650,000 650

E. OTHER FEES (Paid on Completion of Studies)
ITEM                                                                                        UGX           UGX

Graduation Fee                                                                    100,000      100,000
Convocation Fee                                                                   10,000        10,000
Transcript Fee                                                                       10,000        10,000
Certificate Fee                                                                        10,000        10,000
Certification Fee (Per Copy Certified)                                3,000         3,000
Verification of Results (Per Record Verified)                    10,000      10,000Application forms are obtainable from the following places:

1.Office of the Academic Registrar Gulu University Main Campus

2.Gulu University Coordination Office at UMA Show Ground, Lugogo, Kampala

3.Gulu University Kitgum Campus

4.Gulu University Hoima Campus

5.Lira University Campus

6.Gulu University website at

Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of 50,000/= for Ugandan applicants and US $30 for International applicants and bank charge at any of the Centenary Bank branches, with the following details:

Account Name: Gulu University Academic Registrar, Gulu Branch

Account No. 7510500423.

Please present the completed application form to the Office of the Academic Registrar in Gulu University Main Campus; Gulu University Coordination Office at UMA Show Ground Lugogo, Kampala; Lira University; Gulu University Kitgum Campus and Gulu University Hoima Campus and a receipt will be issued to you. Submit the application form with the original bank pay in slip and the original receipt attached.


 Admission for the various programmes will be effected after realising the required number of candidates.

Contact Information

For additional support and assistance to your inquiries, use the contact details below for aid

Gulu University
P. O. Box 166
Gulu (U), East Africa


+256 471 32095
+256 471 432648



PO Box 166, Laroo Division Gulu Muicipality, Ug.