ISBAT University Admission

By | June 25, 2019

ISBAT University Admission

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About Isbat University

ISBAT University has carved a niche for itself among the best Universities in Uganda. ISBAT as a quality brand in education sector has been in existence in Uganda since 2005, being ranked consistently among the top higher education institutions.

It has an excellent array of international collaborative arrangements with reputed Universities, Business schools, and ICT Academies that enable student and faculty exchanges, credit mapping and credit transfer, paving the way for a unique multicultural and eclectic experience in a global scenario.

Originally founded in 2005, in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, by a renowned philanthropist and educationist Mr. Varghese Mundamattam, in his quest to make quality education affordable and accessible in Uganda and in the East African region with a moto of empowering lives of every citizen. Established initially as a Tertiary Institution, moved on to the level of a Degree-awarding Institution and finally transformed in January 2016 into a fully-fledged University with own state-of-the-art metropolitan campus in Kampala.

A member of the Future Education and Technology Group, ISBAT University is well recognized and respected for imparting high quality education and training in Uganda as well as in the East African region with a highly focused skill based training model to create employable professionals.

ISBAT moved steadily and became one of the best institutions in Uganda and continuing the journey to become one of the top Universities in Uganda and in the East African region and to offer unique and globally acclaimed curriculum that has the right blend of Education and Skills and thereby making the students occupied and employable.

In 2013, ISBAT attained a status of “A Private Other Degree Awarding Institution”, offering Diploma, Undergraduate and Post Graduate degree programs as accredited by NCHE. ISBAT built and moved into its own campus in 2015, providing a state-of-the-art learning infrastructure and learning environment that will promote Research, Innovation and Experiential Learning to all its students to ensure they get adequate practical skills.

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