J&H Internationals Group Uganda Vacancies

By | January 10, 2020

Low cost and convenient, we make is easier for you to give your workers the tools for new ways of thinking, on your site with our custom training.

Our training expertise and experience allows our customers to comply with current legislation, provide certification for employees and help to ensure a safer work environment.

We are building a reputation for ‘sharing knowledge’, we are a trusted training provider with strong and ongoing relations with our future customers across industries including; oil and gas, port authorities and marine; public sector; and construction.

How to Apply for J&H Internationals Group Uganda Vacancies

Apply for J&H Internationals Group Uganda Vacancies

Contact details

Managing Director
J&H Internationals Group.
UK: +44 7890 611 929
Email: andrew@jandhinternational.com

Vicente Banasco Zaragoza
Operations Director (None Executive)
J&H Internationals Group.

Mobile: +34 633 651 462
Email: vicente@jandhinternational.com

Namugenyi Sharon

Execitive Administrator
J&H Internationals Group.
Cell: +256 787 909 847, +256 701 558 278
Email: sharon@jandhinternational.com

Malcolm Watson

General Manager East Africa
J&H Internationals Group.
Cell: +256 783 883 042
Email: malcolm@jandhinternational.com