Kabale School of Enrolled Comprehensive Nursing

By | February 13, 2020

Kabale School of Comprehensive Nursing, which has been offering certificates in enrolled nursing and midwifery since 1972, has announced that it will start offering diploma courses in May this year.

The new principal of Kabale nursing school, Margaret Kidega, says the institution has the capacity to teach and administer diploma courses. She says necessary arrangements are being made to adjust the school to admit diploma students and to increase enrollment from 300 to 416 students. The Kabale School of Comprehensive Nursing serves all districts in the extreme southwest of Uganda.

It is located near the Kabale Regional Referral Hospital at Makanga, which offers opportunities for practical application of the studies offered. The students are also sent for practical experience at other public and private health centers in Rugarama, Rushoroza, Hamurwa and Kyanamira. Kidega says the school will also introduce the mandatory teaching of computer applications to both staff and students. She says the development comes from the realization that the health sector in Uganda was dragging behind the rest of the country in terms of technological awareness and development.

Course Offered

  • Diploma in Comprehensive Nursing.
  • Diploma in Midwifery.
  • Certificate in Enrolled Comprehensive Nursing.

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Affiliated Hospital

Kabale Regional Referral Hospital