Kampala International School Uganda

By | February 14, 2020

Established in 1993 with 67 students, KISU has grown steadily over time. It currently accommodates about 460 students representing 60 nationalities. State-of-the-art facilities include four science labs, three computer labs, three music rooms, three performance areas, an indoor gym, outdoor basketball court, 25 metre eight lane competition swimming pool, two libraries, smart boards in most classrooms and a five acre playing field. It has accreditation status with CIS, NEASC and IBO. 

Students participate in an extensive range of extracurricular activities including outdoor education and overseas trips, to diverse destinations such as The UK, France, Italy, Mount Kilimanjaro and a yearly ski trip in Europe. The holistic education also fosters involvement in community building activities.

Programmes at Kampala International School Uganda

Early Years Programme at KISU

In the Early Years our children follow the English National Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage, a carefully structured, relevant and child-centered curriculum, covering six areas of learning: 1) Personal, Social and Emotional Development; 2) Communication, Language and Literacy; 3) Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy; 4) Knowledge and Understanding of the World; 5) Physical Development and 6) Creative Development. Well-planned play at KISU is a key way in which children learn whilst enjoying themselves and feeling challenged. Computer skills are introduced at this very young age. 

Primary Programme at KISU

Students undertake a modified version of The National Curriculum for England and are taught in small class sizes in mixed ability groups in Key Stage (KS) 1 (Years 1-2) and KS 2 (Years 3-6). A strong emphasis is placed on Reading, Writing and Mathematics, whilst specialist teachers teach Music, Art, Drama and French through resource based modern methods of teaching.  

Secondary Programme at KISU

Students continue to study a modified National Curriculum for England in KS 3 (Years 7-9). A Francophone programme is also available at this level. Students are offered IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) in Years 10 & 11 and the IB Diploma Programme in Years 12 & 13. 

IB Programme  at KISU

The IB diploma Programme fully complements KISU’s goals and purposes, KISU’s traditional curricular and cross curricular elements, service philosophies and practices. Learning is enhanced through cross-curricular projects, development of research skills, an awareness of environmental issues and cultural diversity.   

KISU also provides Special Educational Needs (SEN), EAL (English as an Additional Language) and Career/ University Guidance.

Admission at Kampala International School Uganda


We use age-appropriate assessments to help us to understand more about the learner who is joining our community; we do not use them to select (or exclude) children. Assessments vary depending on the age of your child. It is important to note that KISU is a passionately inclusive school; providing we believe we have the resources and expertise to support your child effectively then all children are welcome.  We aim to make assessments as relaxed as possible to ensure your child feels comfortable and able to be themselves.

As aforementioned, we always try to arrange meetings for you and your child with key staff. These are not interviews. Rather, they are a chance for us to learn more about your child’s learning and curriculum needs and to support you (especially in secondary school) with subject choices. In this way we can be sure that we are fully prepared to welcome your child on his or her first day at school.

It would greatly help us to process your application in good time if you were able to bring the following documentation with you on your visit:

  • Copies of your child’s most recent full school report
  • Copy of your child’s passport (the bio page)
  • Finance clearance letter/document from your previous school to assure us that all monies due to it have been settled


Term Fees

KINDERGARTEN 1-37:50 AM – 12:20 PM $1,350$390$1,740
RECEPTION7:50 AM – 2:05 PM$3,400$400$3,800
YEAR 1 & 27:45 AM – 2:05 PM$6,190$500$6,690
YEAR 3 – 67:45 AM – 3:05 PM$6,760$500$7,260
YEAR 7 – 97:45 AM – 3:20 PM$7,770$550$8,320
YEAR 107:45 AM – 3:20 PM$7,770OPTIONAL / $550$7,770 or $8,320*
YEAR 11(2 Half Yearly Payments)7:45 AM – 3:20 PM$11,640OPTIONAL / $550$11,640 or $12,190*
IB1 (2 Half Yearly Payment)7:45 AM – 3:20 PM$12,880OPTIONAL / $550$12,880 or $13,430*
IB2 (2 Half Yearly Payment)7:45 AM – 3:20 PM$12,880OPTIONAL / $550$12,880 or $13,430*



Annual Fees

KINDERGARTEN 1-37:50 AM – 12:20 PM $4,050$1,140$5,190
RECEPTION7:50 AM – 2:05 PM$10,170$1,200$11,370
YEAR 1 & 27:45 AM – 2:05 PM$18,540$1,480$20,020
YEAR 3 – 67:45 AM – 3:05 PM$20,260$1,480$21,740
YEAR 7 – 97:45 AM – 3:20 PM$23,280$1,620$24,900
YEAR 107:45 AM – 3:20 PM$23,280OPTIONAL / 1,620$23,280 or $24,900*
YEAR 11(2 Half Yearly Payment)7:45 AM – 3:20 PM$23,280OPTIONAL / 1,620$23,280 or $24,900*
IB1 (2 Half Yearly Payment)7:45 AM – 3:20 PM$25,750OPTIONAL / 1,620$25,750 or $27,370*
IB2 (2 Half Yearly Payment)7:45 AM – 3:20 PM$25,750OPTIONAL / 1,620$25,750 or $27,370*

* INCLUDING LUNCH FEESEnrolment Fee (Paying One Time)


Contact details

Plot No. 447, Block 213, Old Kira Road,
Bukoto, Kampala, Uganda.
P.O. Box Number 34249, Kampala, Uganda.

office@kisu.com, admissions@kisu.com, mktg@kisu.com

Director’s Office: +256 752 711 909
Admissions Office: +256 752 711 882
Secondary Campus: +256 752 711 789
Primary Campus: +256 752 711 908
Marketing Office: +256 752 711 891