Mayuge District Vacancies

By | January 14, 2020

Mayuge district became a district in December 2000 by an act of parliament. The district is located in the eastern region of Uganda. Originally it was made up of six sub counties and one town council with 68 parishes and 385 villages however; it was given mandate by MOLG to create more sub counties for effective service delivery.

During the financial year 2008/2009 six new sub counties were curved from the existing ones and currently the district runs 13 LLGS with the headquarters located in mayuge town council 120km from Kampala the capital city and 40km from jinja. Iganga borders it in the north, jinja in the west, bugiri in the east and Lake Victoria in the south, which is shared by mukono district, bugiri, mayuge itself and jinja.

The bulk of the district population is composed of  basoga but it also accommodates many other tribes in Uganda, the common language being lusoga, luganda and English on a small scale.

Geographical features

Mayuge district is relatively flat with high ridges and isolated hills, adulating low lands and perch vents. The hills are linear and of a convex nature scope between 2% and 8% and almost flat valleys of scope less than 2%. The lowest point 1200m above sea level is in the south along the and the highest 1500m above sea level is found in the north. The district has a long shoreline of Lake Victoria in the south with six islands forming part of the islands.

Administrative units

Since the inception, mayuge has been having 6 sub counties and one town council but during the financial year 2008/09, mayuge created new sub counties form the existing ones to form 13 sub counties including the town council after getting the mandate from the MOLG.

The administrative units currently are baitambogwe, bukatube, wairasa, buwaya, malongo, mpungwe, imanyiro, bukabooli, jagusi, busakira, kityerera, kigandalo, mayuge town council, bwondha towncouncil  magamaga town council as well as bugadde town council and these sub counties form 3 constituencies i.e.  bunya east composed of kigandalo, buwaya, mpungwe and bukabooli sub counties, bunya south composed of malongo, busakira, jagusi , bugadde Tc, bwondha Tc and kityerera sub counties while bunya  west is composed of imanyiro, bukatube, baitambogwe,magamaga Tc, mayuge town council, wairasa sub counties.

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