Mountains of the Moon University School of Nursing and Midwifery

By | February 19, 2020

In many African Universities training in Public Health is mainly at postgraduate level. This renders it difficult to produce enough Public Health professionals for public health services. Yet it is a very well known fact that no country can perform better than its educational system.

In Uganda there is high disease burden attributed to the high prevalence of preventable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and malnutrition. The situation has been compounded by the newly emerging lifestyle diseases (especially hypertension and diabetes).

Courses Offered

B. Department of Nursing & Midwifery
B.1Bachelor of Science in Nursing  W
B.2Bachelor of Science in Midwifery  W
B.3Diploma in Nursing  W

Admission Requirement

Student must have cleared the University dues to zero balance
Pay graduation fee
Fill the transcript request form and take it to various departments for clearance starting with finance department and ending with the RAC Office.
Academic documents are issued out on graduation day. But students must have cleared with all the university departments early enough.
Students must have all the semester registration cards, examination cards, original admission letter, student’s identity card and the previous academic documents.
Finalists must submit two pass port size photographs. The photos must be colored, with a white back ground and MUST be descent/presentable – do not wear bling bling or crazy hairstyles.

Contact Details

Public Relations Officer Address:Uganda

Phone:0483 660390/ 0483 660400