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By | February 25, 2020

The A level course is spread over the two years of the Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13). The old AS followed by A level system is being phased out by the Government, so that AS examinations taken in Year 12 will no longer count towards the final A level grade.

Most pupils study three or four A level subjects, and some additionally take the Extended Project Qualification. English Language and Mathematics courses are available for pupils who do not have GCSE level qualifications in these subjects.

Courses Offered

Pupils starting their GCE AS-Levels and A-Levels must pick subjects from the following choices:

1)    Mathematics or English Literature
2)    Biology or Economics
3)    Chemistry or Politics or French
4)    Physics or History or Geography
5)    Art & Design
6)    Greek
7)    * Further Mathematics

AS-Level Further Mathematics is also available as a lunchtime lesson for pupils who achieved an A* grade at IGCSE or, for year 13 pupils, an A at AS Level Mathematics. Pupils receive extensive support and guidance when selecting subjects. This occurs before IGCSEs are taken and following results. During Key Stage 5 pupils are guided towards meeting the expectation that they learn to develop their skills for independent learning.

Recognising that this will be a key skill and expectation at higher education, pupils are encouraged to use their non-lesson periods at work either in the school library. Pupils have a VI Form tutor who counsels each pupil on the progress of their studies and on their preparation for higher education.

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