UNEB Releases 2023 PLE Results Overall Examination Performance

By | January 27, 2023

UNEB Releases 2023 PLE Results Overall Examination Performance

Minister of Education and Sports Hon Janet Museveni has this Friday afternoon released the UNEB results 2023 Primary leaving examinations.

The exams which were conducted on 8th and 9th November last year, saw a slight increase in the number of registered candidates of from 749,761 in 2021 to 832654.

583768 of the candidates who sat last year’s exams were from the Universal Primary Education (UPE) Program.

Dan Odongo, the UNEB Secretary revealed that the overall performance of the candidates was significantly better than that of last year, with a total of 140,617 candidates or about 14.1% passing in Division 1.

This is up from 81,864 candidates or 11.1% who passed in Division 1 in the previous year.

In terms of performance by Gender, Mr Odong said the girls, as has been the case in the past years, outperformed the boys in the English language, while the boys were better in the rest of the subjects.

English language saw the most improvement in performance with up to 12.2% of the candidates securing Distinctions 1 or 2, compared to 7.2% in the previous year.

A decline in performance was only noticed in Social Studies where only 12.5% passed in D1 compared to 14.5 the previous year.

“Looking at the quality pass level (credit and distinction), performance has been much better than the previous year,” Odongo said.

“The examiners also noted that the candidates are exhibiting good quality handwriting and organized work; even where they are not getting the correct answers, they still show they known what they are doing”

On her part, UNEB Chairperson Prof Mary Okwakol said the examinations were conducted smoothly despite a slight disruption by the outbreak of the Ebola last year, especially in the districts of Kassanda, Mubende and Kampala.

The Restrictions on movement on persons, she said impacted movement of exam papers and candidates .

“But we worked with police and district and health officials on the ground to ensure smooth conduct of the exams,” she said.

Okwaror also noted the incident in Kakumiro district where a director of a private school caused 21 candidates to miss the first (Mathematics) paper when he failed to transport them to the center.

UNEB had to arrange another paper for the candidates.