UNEB S.3 Learners Registration

By | January 27, 2023

UNEB S.3 Learners Registration

What you need to know:

  • All the students are supposed to be registered in a learners’ portal that will aid in continuous assessment.

The Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) has given all schools countrywide up to January 31 to register Senior Three students onto the learners’ portal.

The learners’ portal is an online platform that will help schools and Uneb to conduct a continuous assessment of students’ performance in four years, under the new curriculum.

The director of technology and reprographics at Uneb, Mr. Peter Wakabi Waiswa, told the media yesterday that the ministry has opened an Education Information Management System (EMIS) portal to enable schools to register O-Level semi-candidates in time.

“The ministry is advising that the portal will be open until January 31 to allow all schools to upload learners who were not uploaded by December 31,” Mr. Wakabi said on behalf of Mr. Dan Odongo, the executive director of Uneb.

“Schools that will not update learners’ data shall not be able to update the promotional/transitional status of learners in their schools. Uneb shall use the school and learners’ information collected by the Ministry of Education and Sports as well as that of the National Identification and Registration Authority (Nira),” he added.

He further noted that secondary schools, which will not have registered for continuous assessment, will not be allowed by Uneb to register their learners for the end-of-cycle exams. Mr. Wakabi urged all secondary schools to embrace the exercise.

Ms Rosemary Kisembo, the executive director of Nira, called upon all parents to register their students for National Identification cards.

“During this holiday, please take a chance to go to our offices, we are prioritizing students in all our offices around the country to allow them to register. If you are in Senior Three, you have this year to get your NIN to assist your continuous assessment,” she said.

Learners, who previously registered with Nira, are required to first verify their registration status to determine whether to proceed with a new registration exercise. Ms. Kisembo warned parents not to pay money for IDs.

“Registration is free, they should not ask you for money. If they ask you for money, take a picture of that person and report it to the Inspector General of Government,” She said.

Requirements for ID registration
Ms Kisembo said a learner needs a copy of their parents’ national ID.
If both parents are deceased, their relatives should avail recommendation letters stating the type of relation to the child and use their national IDs.

A duly filled Nira enrollment/registration form, three filled on behalf of the learner by either the parent/guardian or teacher if a learner is below 18 years and by the learner if above 18 years.

In addition, present the learner for capture of biometrics (face and fingerprint) together with the parent/guardian’s original national ID card.

About continuous assessment 
It is a systematic, comprehensive, and cumulative recording of a learner’s achievement during the teaching and learning process based on the new lower secondary school curriculum.

In this curriculum, every subject has a component of Continuous Assessment without which a learner will not be graded in a given subject by Uneb. 

Continuous Assessment scores shall contribute to the grading in every subject at the end of Senior Four. Secondary school head teachers will use unique NINs to transmit learners’ school-based assessment scores to Uneb.  

Uneb is then required to uniquely identify learners during the process of continuous assessment, necessitating learners to have National Identification Numbers (NIN).  

According to the new curriculum, 20 percent of the final UCE results will come from the continuous assessment done by the schools from the time the learners join Senior Three, while 80 percent will come from the final exam itself.

Under the new curriculum, teachers grade students on a scale of three, which is, one, two, and three. All marks are out of a cumulative mark of 20 percent whose average at the end of Senior Four will be sent to Uneb as a continuous assessment.

For more information and inquiries, you can contact the UNEB by visiting the institution’s official website: https://uneb.ac.ug OR

FOR INQUIRIES: TEL: +256 414 286635/6/7/8| uneb@uneb.ac.ug

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