African Bible University of Uganda Ministerial Activities

By | June 28, 2019

African Bible University of Uganda Ministerial Activities

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Kole Community Presbyterian Church Plant


(Easter Gospel Mission Report)

Theme: Preaching Christ and him crucified as we level the ground for Kole Community Presbyterian Church (KCPC) Plant; and strengthen the local Church.

The Team: 

Kole Community Presbyterian Church Plant

Kole Community Presbyterian Church Plant

Mission Activities

  1. Morning devotion, Prayer walk &Devotional message
  2. Door to door
  3. Children Ministry
  4. School Evangelism
  5. Pastors’ meeting (seminar)
  6. Open air Crusade
  7. Film Ministry

Door to Door Ministry

During the days African Bible University (ABU) students were in Kole, they visited different parts of Kole, sharing the gospel and their lives in every home that God was pleased to lead them to. The natives of Kole heard the gospel,  ABU students listened to them ask questions as they responded with words of the scripture, and also asked them questions in return and listened to their answers. From the discussions, our students learnt that salvation by works is the order of the day in Kole. Everyone is trying as hard as they could to earn eternal life by their own human efforts. This is a tragedy!

Children’s Program

ABU staff, Mrs. Knight and the team (Andrew, Jacqline and Godwill) ministered to children.  They exposed them not only to the gospel but also to science and some creative art where they were taught how to make a butterfly out of paper. What a great blessing this program was to these little ones! The love, interest and turn up for this program was amazing. To God alone be glory forever, Amen.

The School Ministry Activities

God enabled ABU students to minister to students from Jupiter Vocational and Secondary School. As ABU students listened to these students life stories and future plans, they found them very encouraging. They need Jesus more than any thing else. We were able to pray with and most of them.

Pastor’s Meeting/Seminar

The team also reached out to Pastors; speaking with pastors on the centrality of Jesus Christ in preaching. They tried to make them see how that the whole scripture speak about Jesus Christ regardless of whether it is the Old Testament or New Testament. Emphasis was laid on the fact that it is the duty of the pastor/teacher to make his people see Jesus Christ from every passage in the Bible.

Open Air Crusade

From 1st – 5th April 2015, the gospel was presented in the area through an open air crusade. Many people heard the gospel. Many others responded openly and confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and prayers were conducted for all manner of people.

Film Ministry

Even the evening hours could not stop the preaching of gospel: Jesus’ film was shown and many saw the temptation and the suffering of Jesus Christ with much conviction as comments were being made for every crucial scene.


  • The populace are still receptive to the preaching of the gospel. People are available and willing to hear the word of God.
  • False teaching is prevalent through out Corner Mowlem in particular, Kole District in general and Northern Uganda as a whole. This partly explains why the “salvation by works”  philosophy is prevalent in the region. This gives thriving opportunity to a Christ centered, grace centered church which the new Kole Community Presbyterian Church Plant is seeking to be. KCPC intends by the grace of God to raise in the region a reformed, Christ centered and grace centered community that will grow together in grace, in love for God and in love for one another as we reach out with the gospel in love.

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